The No Cash Investment Guide

Lofty ambitions are often hindered by financial restrictions. But with dropshipping, starting a business has never been more affordable. All the tools you need to start selling online are at your disposal—and they’re practically free. In most cases, the first store name and banner design is good enough. Do it and ship it. Make sure you launch your store as quickly as possible and focus on generating sales. You can always make changes later.Here’s the roadmap: find a product, create your Shopify store, and generate your first sales.

When choosing a product, people often fall into one of two categories.

  1. On a whim, with little consideration, which ends up wasting a lot of time and effort for no results.
  2. By spending weeks looking for a perfect product idea, but probably choosing one of the first ones you thought of.

For the purposes of this challenge, try to be somewhere in the middle. You have to validate your product’s potential with data, but don’t get stuck always looking for something better. Dropshipping allows you to quickly switch between ideas, so if your first one proves to be unsuccessful, you can easily try another one later.